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Rush to the Wilderness – London Contemporary Juried Exhibition was successfully launched in London, UK

22 March, 2023

On March 15, 2023, the opening reception of "Rush to the Wilderness - London Contemporary Jury Exhibition" will be held at M P BIRLA MILLENNIUM ART GALLERY, London, UK. This exhibition was carefully planned by the three curators Xi Wang / Yue Yin / Wuchao Feng of GALLERY NAT London curatorial team over two months. Taking Rush to the Wilderness as the... Read more

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London Contemporary Juried Exhibition – Rush to the Wilderness

15 March, 2023

Exhibition introduction: Rush to the Wilderness: As a result of the pandemic era, people’s perspectives have shifted and the interconnectedness of all beings has been highlighted, including nature itself. Inspired by artists collective urge to return to the wilderness, Artists explore the relationship between nature, human identity, and connection in the aftermath of a global crisis in this exhibition. Read more

Spiel allein – London Contemporary Art Exhibition Award Announcement

14 December, 2022

“Spiel Allein – London Contemporary Art Exhibition” was successfully held at Gallery 46, London, UK from December 7-14, 2022. The exhibition was curated by the Gallery NAT team over a period of 3 months, from 230 artists submitted in the global open call, 25 artists from the US, EU, The Caribbeans, UK, Canada, Indonesia and China were selected and exhibited in London. Read more

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Dystopia Project A – Paris Exhibition was successfully launched in France

05 December, 2022

“Dystopia Project A – Paris Exhibition” will be successfully exhibited in Paris, France on November 23-30, 2022. The exhibition awards will be awarded on December 3 by the exhibition jury consisting of Dr. Patrick, director of the French Ministry of Education, Professor Bertrand GADENNE, curator Dr. André Fernandez; American art history critic Dr. Lara M. Evans, and art curator Niku Kashef. 

Read more

Awakening Voices - Jury Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Paris

25 October, 2022

In late October 2022, “Awakening Voices – Jury Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Paris” will be exhibited at Galerie Francis Barlier in the high gallery area of the Champs-Élysées in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The exhibition is co-curated and organized by the curatorial team of L’Association Sino-française d’Échange d’Art, New Art Trend and Galerie Francis Barlier. Read more

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