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Open Call
Lonely Shades - Silicon Valley International Contemporary Art Exhibition

Submission Date: 20.02.2024 - 05.03.2024

Late submissions will not be considered.

Date and venue of exhibition

ArtX Gallery, 

43008 Christy street, Fremont, CA94538 United States

Exhibition Date: 26.03.2024 - 06.04.2024

Send your artwork to:


Who is eligible to submit?

Eligible age: Artists should be at least 18 years old by the time of submission.
Eligible nationality: We welcome artists of all nationalities.


What are the requirements of the artwork?

Eligible media:  All media included, painting, print, watercolour, sculpture, photography, video art, installation, etc. 

All works must be original. Each artist could submit 1-4 artworks. However, the longest side of the artworks combined must be within 100cm.


What media are supporting our exhibition?

U.S. Media: The Associated Press / Digital Journal / HTV10.TV / SNNTV / NCN / FOX 28 / FOX 43

U.K. Media: Business London Press / UK News Latest / United Kingdom News.Net / London Mercury / Liverpool Star / NewsAnyway

Art Media: Artrabbit / artaviso / service.exibart / sebsartlist / widewalls / slideshare / GALLERY NAT /artx Gallery

Chinese media: People's Daily Europe / China Daily / / / Sina / Sohu / Netease / Baidu / Phoenix / China Artist /


Is there any submission / participation fee?

There is no submission fee. However, we ask all the selected artists to pay a $300 participation fee.


The fee includes: Media promotion, exhibition venue fee, opening ceremony, artwork mantling/dismantling 


The fee does not include: Artist accommodation, shipping of the artwork to/from the venue, etc.


How should I submit?

Please send the following materials via our open call form for consideration.


1. Your artist bio (200 words maximum)

2. Your CV/Resume

3. Your Artwork (1-4 artworks, with maximum 4 photos each, 10mb total in size maximum.)

4. Link of your artwork (Please only do so if your artwork is duration based.)

Feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

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